Sheets, pillows, blankets.

First rule of owning a Leesa: Talk about owning a Leesa. Second rule of owning a Leesa: Always protect your Leesa. Mattress protectors are a great second layer under your sheets in the event of an accident. Sheets. Here’s our advice: Fabric is a game changer. When the weather turns it gets cold use heavier sheets. When it warms up, replace your sheets with a lighter fabric like cotton and consider leaving that top sheet off, too.

Look for "fully elasticized fitted sheets" - these sheets sport an elastic seam all the way around (rather than just the typical elastic corners) and will fit perfectly around your Leesa without loosening and without the use of sheet suspenders. Pillows. Here’s our advice: Changing your pillow could dramatically enhance your sleep experience. A bad pillow will throw off your horizontal alignment while you sleep, causing graduating back pain in the days to follow. 

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